Look At You, You Have a Baby…At Disney

Channeling my best Reese Witherspoon a la Sweet Home Alabama…


If there are two things the DisBroads know well, it’s babies and Disney. I’ve heard plenty of reasons why some people would prefer to wait until their children are older to take them to Disney parks. Babies can’t do anything at the parks, babies can’t ride rides, babies prevent parents/caregivers from riding rides, babies won’t remember the trip, it’s too hot, it’s too busy, the list goes on. But what if you could take your baby along, and still have a perfectly wonderful trip? Many of us Broads have taken babies, and we’ve got tips for you if you’ve been thinking about taking your family, with a little one in tow.



Babies are FREE at Disney. If your child is under 3 years old, they don’t count towards your room total. As a relatively new family of 6, this has been incentive for us to visit even more with our newest addition. Many standard Disney rooms allow up to 5 adults/children, but you can have 6 people in a room if 1 of them is under 3 years old. You don’t have to pay for a park ticket if your child is under 3 and at Disney table-service restaurants, they don’t charge you for your child under 3. This means added expenses are not an issue(this is not the case on a Disney cruise though!)


Walt Disney World has convenient Baby Care Centers in all of their theme parks. These are an amazing resource, one that my family has used many times. A cool, quiet area stocked with any baby supplies you might need, changing tables, and a private room for nursing mothers, baby care centers are the perfect place to take a break. These days, even runDisney events have sent up baby care tents at the finish line. My youngest was not quite 6 months old when I ran the Princess Half Marathon this year. She was still nursing and as any nursing mother knows, going several hours without nursing can cause issues, specifically two issues. Two large, possibly painful issues, sitting right there, that need to be emptied, er, addressed ASAP. I was pleasantly surprised to find a baby care tent after we finished, giving me space and privacy to change and feed the baby.


Most babies are very go with the flow creatures. Even with my own rather temperamental baby, bringing her to Disney wasn’t an issue. Walking and moving was her thing as an infant. The constant movement of her stroller or being worn actually kept her asleep most of them time. Compared to my older kids, the ones who want to run and go and do and see, she was the easy one to deal with for once.


Babies and characters make the most adorable pictures. That’s pretty self explanatory. They also look super adorable in Mickey ears.


But one big thing that most people think of when they think of baby at Disney problems is rides. Babies can’t ride attractions. This is not true. Obviously you can’t strap on a baby and hit up the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but there are plenty of rides that are perfectly fine to bring your baby on. From Toy Story Midway Mania to the Pirates of the Caribbean, my babies have been able to sit on my lap and ride without any issues. I know from personal experience that some of these rides, like “it’s a small world” and the now defunct Maelstrom, even provide a great opportunity feed the baby while the rest of the family enjoys the ride.


Yes, there are some attractions that you can’t take the baby on. In these cases, my family usually switches off, one parent with 1-2 kids while the other sits and relaxes or goes off to another attraction, and then we switch. FastPass+ has helped us a lot with this, as we have enough time for one of us to get on the ride quickly, come back out, and take the baby while the other heads to the ride. But Disney also offers Rider Switch, perfect for parents of little ones who don’t meet certain height requirements.

Disney’s Rider Switch program keeps you from having to wait in line a second time if you have to wait in the standby line. Check that Rider Switch is offered at the attraction in question by asking a Cast Member. Let the cast member at the line queue that you are swapping. You will be given passes for the switch. The first parent is able to ride the attraction while the second parent waits. After the first parent rides, they find the other parent who waited with the baby. They switch and the second parent is then able to ride the ride without waiting in line again. If you’ve got other children who are able to ride the ride, the second rider with the switch pass is able to bring one person with them. Using a combination of FastPass+ and the Rider Switch program, it makes riding every Disney attraction possible, even with babies or young children.


There you have it. Disney…with a baby…it’s more than doable.



The Pressure of the Race Sign




Today’s Tuesdays on the Run link up is about race signs, and I’m now a novice sign maker.


DisBroad Shannon has some mad sign-making skills. Here are a couple of her creations.



I was a little intimidated when I decided to chEAR for runDisney’s Princess Enchanted 10K. I have always been so appreciative of the spectators, volunteers, and chEARleaders (I promise that will be the last time I cheese it up with the EAR) at races, why hadn’t I actually done it yet? The DisBroads came home raving about all the fun they had cheering on the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and supporting DisBroads Suzanne and Kristen.




They also mentioned how much they loved seeing our friend Lisa during the Walt Disney World Marathon course and what a big boost it was for them. I also wanted to be there for our friends. Time to suck it up, Buttercup, and sacrifice sleep for the greater good.


Shannon recommended Mr. Sketch Scented Markers as the best, so I promptly bought some and a few poster board before I left home and then left them in my bedroom until procrastination packing happened for Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I thought of a Kanye poster, chuckled to myself, and got the eyeroll from my husband. Perfect. I begged him to at least draw a medal for me since I have zero artistic talent. Then I threw some more poster board and markers into my suitcase and hoped to make some more to cheer on our friends during the Princess 10K since a bunch of us were only running the Princess Half Marathon.

Patty, Julie, Amy, and I were staying at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and other friends were staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. Both were perfect locations to cheer for the 10K. The runners literally run on the BoardWalk, so it wasn’t quite so painful to wake up early. My Disney Parks Moms Panelist roomie and best bus buddy forever, Amy, gave me some serious side eye when I told her of the plan, but she happily obliged to the wake-up call. We woke up, I threw on a hat, and we just stepped outside and saw runners. Woo-Hoo! Easy peasy. It was the perfect location. Then Amy gave me some more side eye when I told her we needed to walk to the BoardWalk Bakery to meet our other friends.

Luckily we were able to squeeze by the runners on one side and walk across the bridge and met up with more Moms Panel friends. My friend Amy H. was dressed as Cruella Deville for the cheering festivities, and she was a riot. Every time she saw a runner dressed as a dalmatian, I thought she was going to chase them to the finish line.


Jen and I had a little friendly competition to see whose sign was more popular once we noticed people actually appreciated our signs! Runners would laugh at my sign or kiss Jen’s Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ sign. Some would stop and take their pictures with them. We had such a blast cheering, clapping, high five-ing, encouraging and even laughing with the runners. Everyone had a story, and it was fun to be a part of it. I felt grateful to be a part of someone else’s memory. And I felt so proud of everyone who started that race. I witnessed a lot of courage and inspiration.

We even made some signs with all of our friends’ names on them so they would know we were thinking about them. It’s nice to have a cheering section and see a friendly face on the course. Patty and Julie were incredible indeed.


This is something I want to make an extra effort to do in the future. Maybe come in a day early to be a spectator during a race weekend. Sometimes it’s more important to be supportive than run all the races.

But the sign pressure! I really didn’t know how popular my Kanye sign was going to be. Friends would tag me in Instagram photos and Facebook posts with the sign. I even heard stories of people who it encouraged. Sometimes a laugh is what you need when you’re struggling to finish a race or to put one foot in front of the other. I usually only make myself laugh, so it really put a smile on my face to know that perhaps I made a few others laugh that day, too. But now, the pressure to top that sign for next time… Man, I sure hope Kanye does some other ridiculous thing I can make fun of, and I hope he lets me finish.

Door Prizes Worth “Dropping In” For

We are 5 DAYS away from our DisBroad Tower of Terror Meet-Up!  We are super excited to see you all again outside the Boardwalk Bakery next Saturday at noon.  We are also super excited about the door prizes we have to hand out and couldn’t resist sharing them with you!!

photo 2

What better way to runDisney than in your very own runDisney SweatyBand?!?!

photo 1

One lucky attendee will also win this Zone Perfect prize pack, courtesy of DisBroad Amy, complete with a notepad, car charger, and a box of delicious Sweety & Salty Cashew Pretzel Zone Perfect bars!



From Running on the Wall, we have an inspiring pair of purple running arm warmers!


AND, lastly we have a FREE one year premium membership to Rock My Run!

Do we have your attention now?!?!  Great!

Be sure you “drop in”  for your chance to win one of these great door prizes!  Thanks to all of our great sponsors for the “treats”!  We’ll see you Saturday!!!

Giveaway and Review! Bottle Bands!

I am not really an expo gal. But for some reason I decided to glance around the expo for the Utah Vally Half Marathon that I did in June and while I was there I picked up a few things. One of my favorites has been the Bottle Band! It’s a silicon device that goes around any bottle so you can hold it while you run.

bottle band

I love this thing!

I carry my water on my long runs. I have never really been interested in a fuel belt or anything like that because the bounce scares me. (I get annoyed easily okay?) When I started running I knew I needed something so this is what I got.


I have a couple issues with it but my main issue is that as you run the strap that holds it tight loosens so I am continuously having to pull it tight again, or try to not be annoyed when it’s loose, but I have small hands and holding on to the bottle without the strap is no picnic. Also, the ribbon to hold it comes all the way out and I have to stop running and re-thread it, which has happened on a few occasions.

Am I making a big deal out of this? Yea, kinda. On a 12 mile run you have a lot of time to think about what annoys you and, well, if it’s in the palm of your hand…

I had heard about Bottle Bands before, in an online running group, so I decided to stop and pick one up. This is mine. (I paid good money for this and I am glad I did!)


I fell in love the first time I tried it, on a 12 mile run. We water dropped frozen bottles at about 4 and 8 miles. At each stop I crushed and tossed the one I had and replaced it with the icey dropped bottle. My last run was 15 miles with gas stations along the way where we ran in and refilled our drinks and got back on the road. It was perfect.

Let me count the ways I love:

  • I really like holding smaller bottles. Bottle bands let you chose any size bottle, I used a disposable water bottle, I have seen them stretched to about a 5 inch diameter.
  • If you twist the Bottle Band on the bottle, you can cinch is smaller for smaller hands, it holds it snug!
  • Similarly, if you put the rings nearly to each other together you can make the loop bigger for larger hands.
  • If you toss your bottle on you run, you can put both rings of the Bottle Band on your wrist and go hands free. (Hence, the disposable bottle… I have to weigh finding the right bottle with liking to go hands free in the end.)
  • It’s about 1/5th the cost of my last contraption!
Any size bottle!!

Any size bottle!!

Giveaway time! Win your choice of the original or Eat. Sleep. Run.


The Origional

The Original

Eat. Sleep. Run

Eat. Sleep. Run

If you don’t win, don’t worry! They have an awesome selection of colors and sayings at a very reasonable price. Just head over to their web page www.bottleband.net.

I paid good money for my Bottle Band and would gladly tell everyone how much I like it for free but the awesome crew at Bottle Band were kind enough to send me one to giveaway to you and an extra one for me. (I might share with someone I really love…) All opinions are always my own, and boy do I have opinions.
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#DisBroadBabyWatch Turns To Food

Of course it did.

When you get a pregnant momma in the home stretch and she no longer cares about gaining weight or really anything other than getting the little boo O.U.T. you start to talk food.

The DisBroad’s discussion played out like this:

April: So I’ve decided I’m just going to spend the rest of this pregnancy at Disney World. I want some fries with that mayo stuff from Be Our Guest. And some beignets.


I’ll just walk the parks until she comes out. They’ve got to give me passes for dropping a kid on property right?

Amy: You need someone to accompany you. I’ll be right there, because we’re about to pull out the Get Along shirt here.

April: Are you okay with delivering my baby? And bagging my placenta

Tania: This sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Kristen: If delivering a baby and bagging a placenta gets me a trip to Walt Disney World then so be it

April:  #hardcore

Amy: I’ll take the baby. Kristen gets the placenta.

Kristen: Deal

Patty:  (yawning in AZ) Too early in morning for bagging the placenta talk, yo.

April: Almost lunch time here. Speaking of lunch…

Patty:  Ewwwwwwww placenta patties.

April:  Ha. But yeah, in all honesty, no way I could ever actually eat the things. Big difference between some pills and serving it with a side of rice pilaf. No can do on option 2.

Amy: Glad to hear you have standards.  Seriously though, Broads, what would you snack on all day at Walt Disney World if you were there without kids?

Patty:  Not April’s placenta.  Just sayin’….

Amy:  We already established that.  Let the placenta go, Patty.

For me: Be Our Guest French onion soup, Tortuga Tavern burrito and a big fat cupcake from somewhere.  A nod goes to the sampler platter at 50’s Prime Time.

amy tortuga

Tania: Mickey waffles from anywhere and lots of bacon, with a side of make-your-own omelet, Mickey bar, Nutella and Fruit Waffle, Dole Whip, and Butterfinger cupcake for lunch, ‘Ohana for dinner. With a few more snacks thrown in depending on what my tummy tells me.


Amy:  I have yet to sample a Butterfinger cupcake. Thinking that will go down better than a Japanese snow cone

April: A Nutella waffle for breakfast, BOG for a pork chop and pomme frites with their dipping mayo for lunch, beignets for snack, ‘Ohana for dinner and the Boardwalk Bakery for a cheesecake brownie for dessert.


Patty: The only thing I think I have to have is a waffle from sleepy hollow. I don’t know that I would even do a sit down meal. I didn’t at Disneyland  on Sunday. I just wandered and ate whatever was walk up easy.  Well, and La Cava.  But I think that goes without saying in this crowd, right?

Amy:  I waited and ate at BOG the Monday I was solo at Magic Kingdom after Princess. I do like that place.

April: Considering I was >< this close to ordering off the kids menu at BOG during our first visit, I dig it too lol.

Bonnie:  I can’t choose. I love it all. Definitely a dole whip for sentimental reasons. That just means Disney to me.

Bonnie Dole

April: Oh, I need a choco covered Mickey rice krispy treat too. That is what says Disney to me.

Summer: Pastries in France for breakfast. Le Cellier cheddar soup for lunch w/ pretzel bread, BOG filet w/ pomme de frites for dinner. Creme brûlée from Chefs for dessert and a jalapeño pretzel and frozen raspberry lemonade for snack.

BOG Steak

Shannon: Nope, I am a banana at the Cafe kind of gal. I bought a $3 banana at Animal Kingdom and it was pretty good for a banana.

Julie: Lobster Roll is yummy my new fave, Jalapeno Pretzel, Mickey Pretzel, Dole Whip, the Chicken mashed potatoes and green beans were surprisingly good in tomorrow land, Carrot Cake Cookie, Zebra Domes…..its all good…. really.

April: Wait- what?! Lobster rolls?  Where do they have lobster rolls?

Julie: Columbia Harbor House.  We never ate there before last trip.  I think it has the best Counter Service Menu for walk up.


Suzanne:  Dole whip, Lobster Eggs Benedict from 1900 park fare, breakfast lasagna from crystal Palace, anything from 50s primetime.  I second lobster roll. Mickey pretzel.  And a cupcake from anywhere.  Ooh hoping they have the Jack cupcakes again in October.

Kristen: Mickey ice cream bar, Nutella and fruit waffle, Dole Whip, Butterfinger cupcake, carrot cake cookie, School bread…I could keep going. That’s just snacks.

Patty:  Just point me to La Cava.  Guac, chips, and booze is all I need.  Guac is  good fat, chips have… errr… corn?  It’s a veggie, right?  And the pineapple margarita has fruit, so it’s health food, really.   Shut up.


What about you?  What would you eat all day if you were set loose on Walt Disney World alone?  And would you take a DisBroad with you?

Tower of Terror 10 Miler Weekend Meet-Up

Now that your credit card has cooled off from the #PrincessHalf registration frenzy, it’s time to talk about our next trip to the World for #Tower10Miler weekend! And we’re dying to see you again 😉


Mark your calendars NOW for our second DisBroad meet-up! You are invited to join us for lunch on Saturday, October 4th at noon outside of the Boardwalk Bakery. Make a quick pit stop inside and grab yourself a sandwich then join us on the Boardwalk for some catching up – we haven’t seen you since February, we have lots to talk about!! And, of course, there will be some fun door prizes as well :)


Don’t worry – we’ll have you back to your hotel room by nap time before the evening’s big event!!

Make sure you visit our Facebook page to RSVP for the event. We can’t wait to see you!!

Lessons learned from a newbie at a Mud Run

A few weeks ago this Disbroad lost her mind a little (more?) and decided to do the Dirty Dash – temporary loss of sanity aside, I wanted to share with you some of my Best Practice findings. Some are mine, some are not… but it’s a good list so it should be pretty helpful in case you similarly lose your mind sometime in the future! I know there is a lot of information out there but hopefully you will find something new here… or at the very least a laugh.

One of these yahoos might be me...

One of these yahoos might be me…

Here we go!
1: Lace up those shoes TIGHT – There is mud people, and lot of it. You will find yourself in mud pits with mud up to you knees (and water up to your belly button!). This means all that mud in the bottom is soft and squishy and hungry… for shoes. Don’t let yours be the ones to go. It should also be worth noting not to jump in to a mud bog will all your might, that’s all you need is all that extra sinking pressure.

1-a: I shouldn’t need this sub-category for this but there were a lot of people carrying them so apparently I do. Don’t use water socks mkay? Well, unless you WANT to carry them but generally the terrain isn’t friendly for barefoot running.

2: Bring water – gallons of it – No, not for drinking. I don’t know about you but ice baths aren’t my thing and that’s what they have waiting for you at the end of these things. (Unless you fork over the cash for a warm power washing anyway.) Water colder than I could have ever imagine. I was warned and I still couldn’t even hack it. I think they trucked iceberg run off water to the mid-west. You are bathing with about 40 of your new besties and off-spray happens when you have about 12 square inches to bath in with a frozen hose. Solution? Bring about 2-3 gallons per person and leave them in your car, on the seat, where they can get nice and warm. Get the first layer of mud off at the ice hose and then, once you get to your car, make everyone jealous as you take a warm shower (with the help from a friend if necessary). This was not my idea but it was brilliant – and it was clear that hardly anyone knew about it.

3: Bring a rag – or three – Use that warm water to make a wash cloth out of that rag and wash your mug. Nothing will feel as good as this.

4: Prepare to get naked – Okay, not all the way naked, but to shed some layers. My running undies are these boy short looking, spandex/nylon looking jobbies so I guess (??) it maybe worked when I had shed down to just my undies and a sports bra? I mean, I don’t think it was the most pleasant think for passers by to see considering I am not the youngest, hottest thing and I have that great “I had five children in my womb” belly look going for me. But, you know what? I didn’t even care. Another, perhaps wiser, option may have been to wear swim suit bottom.

5: Wear tight clothes – I mean, really, have no shame. If you were to say… wear the clothes that you would actually comfortably exercise in, by the time you get done the crotch of your pants will be sitting nicely in between your knees which is about where the bottom of your shirt will be stretched too. Not good. If you don’t want the nice “mud pocket” in between your legs… (there will be enough there anyway, trust me) make it so your rolls take up all the extra space (and all the space you didn’t even know was there). No one can see anything through all that mud anyway.

5-a: Do not wear a running skirt – I do not know what my BRF was thinking but about 2 miles into the 10k she stood off the main trail, stripped down, and pulled her skirt/short combo on inside out. (I guess this could also qualify as a best practice in case you DID wear a skirt…)

5-b: Do not wear cotton okay? As if the mud on a tech shirt isn’t heavy enough it will cling to the cotton even more and then it will rub and stretch. Oh how it will stretch. On the patches of race dry-ness in between race wet-ness it won’t dry at all. Cotton is not your friend when it comes to mud runs. (Some people were even wearing jeans yo.)

5-c: No pockets – As if you won’t be carrying enough of the course with you…

6: Shoes – You know this, but wear old shoes. The mud comes off though, I am pretty sure you don’t even need a power washer to get the job done. (I think my husband was just looking for an excuse to use the power washer). Even if they do come clean, they do take a beating with all that water and dirt and whatnot. You can donate them but I held on to mine in case I ever lose my mind again. (It could happen.) At the very least I have a color run coming up (the color comes out too!).

7: Bags – Pick your poison. Garbage bags, grocery bags, ziplock bags. You will be dirty, you will be muddy, every article of clothing on your body will be yucky. Everything you come in contact with will be gross. Aside from hopping in a garbage bag yourself, the best you can do is peel off a few layers and put the wet ones in a waterproof bag. The contents of which should be dropped right in the washing machine (if you don’t power wash them first anyway).

7: Towels – Plural, meaning more than one. Bring one for the muddy you, one for the slightly cleaner you and one for the seat of the car. Big ones too. We even used them for a multi-friend make-shift dressing room. (I was the only one standing there in the parking lot in my undies…)

I have so many captions for this "You should see my right bicep" "Inside out skirts make you look like you have extra fat rolls.", "The gall in the middle might be wincing at her broken fibula..." (No, I am not kidding about the fibula...)

I have so many captions for this “You should see my right bicep” “Inside out skirts make you look like you have extra fat rolls.”, “The gal in the middle might be wincing at her broken fibula…” (No, I am not kidding about the fibula…)

I think that’s about it for my newbie tips but I am sure there are more, do you have any to share? Comment or link to a your post on mud runs below!

A Mixed Marriage: Or, My Husband Doesn’t Love The Mouse

A lot of you know this about me – I’m in a mixed marriage.

I love Disney.   The hubs?

Not so much.

You Don't Like Disney

Don’t get me wrong; he doesn’t hate it.  The last time he went was in 2007, I was pregnant with Thing 3, and I have photographic evidence that he had fun.  We took a Disney Cruise in 2012 – his idea.

Disney Family Pic

Yes.  My youngest has never laid eyes on Walt Disney World.  <hangs head in shame>  Don’t shun me.  But here’s the deal.  We all know that a Disney vacation can add up to the GNP of a 3rd world country.  Unless everyone is on board, the Magical Express ain’t leavin’ the depot, amirite?  The in-house Financial Manager needs to be at least somewhat enthusiastic.

leave right now

Why?  Well, durr, he’s the one who makes the money.  My nursery / preschool teacher salary pretty much covers my Target overages.

My husband has been MORE than tolerant of my need – that’s right, I said “need” – to visit the Most Magical Place on Earth.  I’ve gotten my fix on runDisney trips with the Broads.  I was able, through my husband’s indulgence and careful planning, to get my eldest son there for his birthday in February.

But… still.

I want my baby to ride every last thing in Fantasyland 4 times.  I want to take my middle son on every roller coaster in all 4 parks and show him the magic of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.


My husband, for his part, probably wishes I had never started running or met the Broads.  Enablers, all.  He wants, I’m sure, for me to quit spending so much money on repeated trips to this place.  He wants me to get that there are other, less costly places to vacation.

So, whaddya do?

I respect my husband’s feelings – I really do.  He works amazingly hard to make sure we have not just the necessities but all the things many suburban families enjoy – 2 cars, summer camp, a mom who gets to be at home.  And he has to deal with a woman who wants to blow it all on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Meat Sweats at ‘Ohana.

It’s hard, though.  Disney is, in every sense of the word, my Happy Place.  I stand on Main Street, USA and just feel my blood pressure lower.  I feel the knots in my shoulders loosen.  When we were there together my oldest boy kept offering me a map of the Magic Kingdom.  Son, I don’t need no stinkin’ map.  On long days, I daydream about lucking into the perfect part-time job – so I can better fund Disney trips.  Yeah.  It’s bad.

So, what’s your advice?  Is there hope for happiness in my mixed marriage?


Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

Sooo….we’ve mentioned that the DisBroads will be converging upon Disney World in January for the most epic of Marathon Weekends.

I know it seems like a far ways off but it will be here before we know it!  One of the things we are doing in prep for this most awesome occasion is plan how we want to celebrate our accomplishments together.  For almost everyone, this will be the first 26.2 distance – others, it will be the first Goofy Challenge conquered – we want to #gobigorgohome here folks!


Disney World certainly has a plethora of ways to celebrate special events – and while we have our ideas about some, we’d LOVE to hear yours!  We are almost a month away from making our Advanced Dining Reservations so throw some ideas at us so we can make our weekend even more epic!




The DisBroads Are Ready To Run Rock ‘n’ Roll!

DisBroad Kristen and  I (DisBroad Amy) are super excited to be Rock ‘n’ Blog Ambassadors!


Kristen is an ambassador for the Rungevity Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon & 1/2 Marathon presented by the Quinn Family Foundation!


The race is October 19th, 2014.  If you’re planning to meet Kristen in St. Louis, use code KSMITHRUNS for $10 off the marathon or the 1/2 marathon!  Code expires October 12 at 11:59pm.


I’m an ambassador for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon and 1/2 Marathon!  Savannah is one of my favorite cities and I can’t wait to run through its beautiful streets on November 8th, 2014.

code collage

If y’all are ready to come on down, use code MAGICMILES for $10 off the marathon or the half marathon!  Code expires November 1st, 11:59pm.


Will you be joining Kristen or Amy (or both of us!) to Run Rock ‘n’ Roll?