What to wear? Get your Spring running on girl!

With the seasons changing again it is the perfect weather to go for a run but how will you stay warm? Spring is such a wonderful time for outdoor exercise not having to wait for dawn and dusk to go out and still be cool is great. It really helps making that run fit into the schedule right? Right?!


Well, it’s going to be Spring soon enough right? Right?!

So now that you have decided that you want to hit the pavement how do you decide what to wear? Being too hot on a run is torture for me and on a race day it can really mess with your time! I dressed far to warmly for my first half marathon (ha! novice!) and have learned to take a more minimal approach since then, even if it mean freezing those buns off at the start. Bundled up at the start I was like “a tank top? Seriously? Phsaw! I am nice and toasty!” FAIL. The same with being too cold? When my fingers are cold it is ALL I can think about. The worst! My gloves are the first thing to go when it warms up though.

Anyone have these Spring gloves from Costco? They work great…


No really, they do, but don’t think you can use your smart phone with them mkay? Would it look too dumb if I cut the finger tip off? Yes? Does this make me not sound like a serious runner?

So back to the topic at hand… where do you look for information? I have found the online guide from Runner’s Magazine to be SUPER helpful. You enter in options on what the wind is, what time of the day you are running, how hard are you planning to work and exactly what temperature you want to be (cooler, in the middle, warmer – This mama goes for in the middle, since both ends make me twitchy!) To find this hand link you go here.

Way to go Runner’s World, SUPER helpful!

a45130901cbda1d8dbd036dbf3e5e1f4 (1)

However, if you are a wee bit on the more relaxed side and just want to see what you need to wear at a glance? Check out the Galloway guide for it. Straight forward, all on one page, and totally accurate for every run I have looked at it for.

You can see the full deal on Galloway’s site here. Here is a quick synopsis for your typical Spring and Fall weather though.

  • 60° +: tank top, singlet or T-shirt and shorts
  • 50-59°: T-shirt and shorts
  • 40-49°: long sleeved T, shorts or tights or wind pants, sock or mittens and gloves
  • 30-39° : long sleeved T and T-shirt, tights and shorts, socks or mittens or gloves, and hat over ears
  • 20-29°: Polypro top or thick long sleeved T, another T-shirt layer, tights and shorts, mittens or gloves, and hat over ears.

You know he goes colder than that? Because believe it or not, people actually run outside when it is below 20 degrees. I will be honest, it was a stretch for me to include 20-29°

I hope this is kind of helpful and will prove as an easy resource for your outdoor running! And, well, if all else fails? Guess what? There’s an app for that! (No, I am not kidding!)


So…Now What?

Been kinda quiet around here, hasn’t it??

Yeah, we know.  Not that we’re trying to make excuses for ourselves, but things have been kinda crazy since we got back from #PrincessHalf weekend.  We have DisBroads moving, DisBroads changing jobs, DisBroads growing children….we’re a busy bunch.

We’ve also been planning (and maybe a little running) because we have some big events coming up in the next few months – ahem, marathon weekend, we’re talking about you :)  Here’s a little bit of what you can look forward to with the DisBroads!

DisBroad Kristen is running the St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville (psst – it’s not too late to sign up if you want to join her, use KSMITHRUNS to get $10 off).  Meanwhile, DisBroad Suzanne is running the Tulsa Aquarium Run Half and DisBroad Shannon is running the Emigration Canyon 10 Miler – it’s a good thing she eats hills for breakfast!

This month also kicks off 26.2 training for DisBroad Julie – she is joining her local Jeff Galloway running group!  Go Julie go!

Not sure why it worked out this way but June is DisBroad Shannon’s biggest race month. Starting with Dirty Dash, then the Utah Valley Half Marathon (She did her very FIRST 10k here last year!), and then a cool down Color Me Rad. She closes the month cheering her husband at the Spartan Beast!

DisBroads Amy and Julie and our BRF Wendy are running the Peach Tree Road Race in Atlanta!  Meet up, anyone?

PrintOur DisBroad Baby will be here!!!!!!!!  We are super excited for this one – April, I hope you don’t mind the rest of us crashing at your place when we come meet the newest DisBroad?  Just kidding, by the way…


DisBroad Patty and our BRF Bonnie are headed to Disneyland for #DisneylandHalf weekend!  #DumboDoubleDare here they come! DisBroad Shannon is also scheduled for a half this month, but for her, no traveling required.

DisBroad Shannon plans to revisit her very first half, the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon. This half is FUN, and it’s almost straight downhill so it’s FAST too! Not to mention pretttttty. She is planning on shattering a PR here… (Help her try to talk DisBroad Patty into the run too! She is holding out!)

DisBroads Julie, Kristen, Suzanne, and Tania will be representin’ at #Tower10Miler Weekend!  We hope to see some of you there!

DisBroads Patty and Shannon will #SmashTheHalf at the inaugural runDisney Avengers Half Marathon at Disneyland.  Who else is in for this??

The BIG event – Marathon Weekend!!!  Several broads are undertaking their VERY first FULL marathon.  And a few are even Goofy enough to attempt the half and full!  It will be the biggest DisBroad reunion since #PrincessHalf weekend and we are incredibly excited!

What does your 2014 race schedule look like?

When Your Worst Becomes Your Best

A fellow runner once told me, at the beginning of my training for a 1/2 marathon PR, that ANYONE can do a half marathon or even a full. Any couch potato can get up and walk 13.1 miles, and that she personally would never put a 13.1 sticker on her car if she finished a half in 3-4 hours. At the time, I took this to heart. I was preparing for 2 half marathons in 13 days last fall, and I was chasing a PR. I was successful, and found my pot of gold at the end of my training rainbow.


I finished my 2nd half 36 mins faster than my first. I trained hard and wanted more. But then I got pregnant.

Pregnant woman eating junk food

I didn’t intend for my pregnancy to stop me, but knew it would slow me down. I was okay with that, even if I got extremely twitchy when I did actually slow down. I wasn’t thrilled with a well over 3 hour Tink finish, but still knee deep in morning sickness, I was proud of myself for finishing the 10k and 1/2 marathon races that weekend. Next up was the Glass Slipper Challenge. I anticipated another slow finish, but tons of fun and another boost in pride for finishing another set of races being pregnant. But things didn’t work out that well.

I did the first race of GSC, the Enchanted 10k, with my husband. I made it through the first 5.5 miles with no issues, even stopping off for a cheesecake brownie at the Boardwalk Bakery.


But with less than a mile left to go, I stepped off to start running and pain in my lower back shot down my leg and up my back. It hurt. I limped the rest of the way through the race. The pain didn’t go away, and I couldn’t sit, stand, or even lay down without the sharp, stabbing feeling in my very lower back. I was in trouble for the half marathon.

Now the old me, the girl that could never train and run a half marathon, the girl who milked every injury, would have tapped out then. I had this happen to my lower back during my last pregnancy and I spent a good 5 days on the couch, being waited on hand and foot. My husband knew the race was important to me, because it was not only completing the Glass Slipper Challenge, but it was the second half of my Coast 2 Coast. I would be earning 3 medals at the finish line, not just one. He offered to take my bib and walk the half for me. But I’m not exactly in the business of taking medals I didn’t earn. The DisBroads don’t play like that.


But it was also a pride thing. I’d worked hard to get there, this was to be my 5th half marathon in a year, and people called me crazy for wanting to finish so many races while pregnant. I had to try.

So I got up, put on my running costume, tied on my jet pack, and did my best to ignore the pain.


I will say, my only saving grace was the PRs I worked so hard for in the fall. I had a good corral much closer to the front. I limped through this race. I had no fewer than a dozen people stop next to me and ask if I was ok or if I needed medical help. I was the DisBroad in the highest corral but I was passed by every single one of the girls. I averaged 19-20 minute miles. I passed up all but 2 picture stops, because between my inability to do anymore than walk slowly and the many breaks a pregnant woman has to take to visit the bathroom, I didn’t have the time to spare. I set little goals for myself. Get to the castle, get to the halfway point, get to each mile marker, just keep going until they pick me up. There were times that I honestly thought of stopping. I was physically fine and so was the baby, but the pain was at times excruciating. I kept picturing the medals I’d worked hard for and the medals I probably wouldn’t have a chance at earning again.

Eventually, I crossed the finish line. It took me 4 hours and 22 minutes. This was over 2 hours slower than my PR. Was this a failure? Should I be ashamed of such a slow finish, doing something any couch potato could have done? No. In fact, this finish caused a light bulb to go off for me, and I consider this my best finish, a new PR.


This kind of finish under these kinds of conditions really give new  meaning to the term “Your race, your pace.”. If you are a sub 2 hour half runner, and you pass another racer walking, do you know why they are walking? Is it lack of training? Just being lazy? Not giving it their all? The truth is, we don’t know. We don’t know what each racer is racing. Maybe they(like me) are injured. Maybe it’s a huge feat that they brought them self out to do the race like I did. Maybe they are sick. With many Disney races in the winter, it’s easy for illness to hit for many of the runners. I personally battled a nasty stomach virus just 3 days before. I’m not the first person I know of to complete a distance race with some kind of illness. Or maybe it’s a pure miracle that that racer is out on the course in the first place. I’ve seen runners walking on the course with a bald head. They are fighting cancer, yet still managing to get out there and give their race a shot. Maybe they are like Sarah Kate, a little girl barely capable of walking a mile, but insisting on getting the job done no matter what. And maybe you are correct, and they were just completely undertrained, or not trained at all. They are overweight, but want to make a change and so they registered for a race, but still weren’t ready to take that step. But they still got off the couch to give it a shot, even if it meant getting swept.

The truth is, you don’t know their story. I never knew their story. As I would weave in and out and around each walker, they were no more than another obstacle in my race towards getting faster. But when the tables are turned, and I am giving every ounce of everything I have just to walk my race, it makes you realize that each person out there, whether it’s the elite runner finishing in under 1:20 or the racer barely making it past the sweepers to finish in 4 hours, is doing the best race for them, and that is an accomplishment on it’s own.

The biggest win for me, and the reason this was my best race(even though it was by far my worst race), was because it indicated how much I’d grown as a person. I used to be a victim. 5 years ago I would have cried in my bed about how horrible I felt and how injured I was, poor poor me. But that’s not who I am anymore. I realized this was my goal, I was stronger than the victim I used to be, and I could make it through. Most people can train to become a better runner. It takes dedication, to get out there and train 3-4 times a week, to work on speed. But it can be done. It takes a lot more to grow up as a person. To realize that we have two choices, to roll over and cry about the hard parts of life, or to push through the hard parts and fight to the other side. Going from the first kind of person to the second kind of person is much more important to me that shaving another 5 minutes off of my half marathon time. I’ll proudly put the Glass Slipper Challenge “I Did It!” sticker on my car. Because sometimes, even your worst can show you exactly how far you’ve come.


“Go mom!” – Disney’s Truly Enchanted 10k

The fantastical Disney Princess weekend has come to an end and recaps are cropping up everywhere as princesses (and a few princes) are getting back home, catching up and getting back to work. The DisBroads have also been busy posting their very own recaps on their blogs, more on that soon!

While this catch up and blogging happens I wanted to take a moment to share what I feel to be one of the very best experiences I had over the Princess weekend. This was my first runDisney weekend and I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I wanted to do was find my broads and create memories together and, oh yea… run a little race in between.



I left with one of the most amazing memories.

One of our very best friends Bonnie was at the Enchanted 10k with her mom Patricia who was starting out of a different corral. They said goodbye, love you and good luck as we got ready to run together as DisBroads and Co.

While in line at Epcot for a picture Bonnie spotted Patricia, she yelled “mama!” and we all cheered loudly, and I am sure embarrassingly, lucky mom. Leave it to the DisBroads! We were not only celebrating how well she was doing and we could see the pride in Bonnie’s eyes. It melted my heart. She passed us! Go mom!

Even though that was cute and fun, that wasn’t the end. About a quarter of a mile from the end, and miraculously, Bonnie spotted ‘mom’ in the sea of people! She left us to go run in to the finish hand in hand with her. Her mom bested her previous time by keeping going the entire way, she didn’t stop once. Bonnie and Patricia were BEAMING.

When I saw this picture I had to share it with as many people as I could. (Remember this time reflects the time that the FIRST corral started, not the corral “mom” was in!)


I enjoyed the 10k more than the half, and this was only one of the reasons.


My big take-away from this weekend was that everyone can do it. This type of environment is such that runners are welcome, but slow runners, interval trainers and fast walkers seem to be even more so. The course was full of inspiration everywhere you looked. Between people walking it with “boots” and those amazing pregnant princesses, *cough* DisBroad April *cough*, I loved being a part of it.

Congratulations princesses. You are a big deal.

Do you have an inspirational Princess story to share? I want to hear it. Link me in the comments.

The DisBroads Princess Wave Meet Up Fit For Royalty!

Where is the perfect spot for a group of Princesses?  The Wave, of course!  The DisBroads were excited to partner with Destinations in Florida to co-host our first ever DisBroad meet up!  We love meeting our readers and couldn’t wait to get the party started!

Meet the DisBroads

The Wave Lounge is in the Comtemporary Resort and was the perfect spot for a grown-up get together!  Readers from all over enjoyed drinks while mingling and meeting fellow runners.  While we Broads have never been known to shy away from attention, the entire reason DisBroads came together was to be part of a larger community.  We loved meeting our online friends “IRL”!

Collage1 Collage2

Many of our readers are bloggers themselves!  Thanks for stopping by Ashley (Pavement Princess), Pam (We Run Disney),  Anne (Outrunning the Fork), April (Run The Great Wide Somewhere), Kristy (Kristy Runs Kato), Meg (Runaway Royalty), Monica & Walter (Disney Bride and Groom), and Andrea (Once Upon A Run)!

Anyone like giveaways?  Of course you do!  We had loads of them!  Generously donated samples from Zone Perfect and Cocogo were spread around the room and creating a buzz!  Pairing Zone Perfect’s nutrition bars and Cocogo’s real fruit hydration was an ideal match.



Raffle prizes from popular brands such as Sweaty Bands, Gone For A Run, Energy Bits, The Runners Guide to WDW and runDisney were handed out around the room!  Jenn Greene of Destinations in Florida also contributed some fun prizes – thanks, Jenn!

PicMonkey Collage

It was an amazing way to kick off our Glass Slipper adventure and spend some time with our favorite people – YOU!

From all the Broads, thank you for making our meet-up magical!






The Princess Wave Meetup: THANK YOU SPONSORS!

Are you planning on coming to the Princess Wave Meetup Thursday February 20th, 2014 6:30 at the Contemporary Resort at the Wave?  We are so excited to meet our followers and have some fabulous stuff lined up for Giveaways!

We wanted to take  the time to thank our GENEROUS Sponsors for helping make this event fabulous.

Gone for a Run

sweatybandsSweaty Bands


Zone Perfect

Really, we love all of y’all.  GREAT products that we are SO happy to share with our followers.   Thanks so much for adding to the fun!








Broads Favorites From The Blogs v.02/16/2014

Love is in the air! Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Candy schmandy. Good friends are also worth celebrating! I’m thankful for the DisBroads and for their favorite blogs of the week. And Ryan Gosling. Always Ryan Gosling. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!



DisBroad Julie-The Only Six Words Parents Need to Say to Their Kids About Sports-Or Any Performance

Sometimes the most simple and basic things we do or say with our kids make the biggest impact. I LOVE this post so much.

DisBroad Amy-It’s Not What the Body Looks Like, It’s What the Body Can Do for You

Smitha gets a big shout out for this one!  Her take on “The Biggest Loser” and it’s scale-oriented focus.  How much do those numbers really matter?  Isn’t it more important what your body can do instead of how much it weighs?

DisBroad Patty- An Open Letter To My Husband: Don’t Ask Me What I’m Up To Today

Having a SAHM moment myself.  It’s “again” not still.  When I worked for another company (though out of my own home!) I never felt I had to justify every moment.  Sometimes as a SAHM I do.  Not that my husband is asking, just that *I* always feel like I need something to check off the list as being done.

DisBroad Tania-What I’m Packing and NOT Packing for the Next Disney Race

It’s packing time for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon! I admit it; I’m an over-packer. These are great tips about what to leave home and what to throw in your carry-on. Power strip? Genius! How do you fit all your costumes in one carry-on though? That’s my main problem.

DisBroad Kristen-A Letter from a Working Mother to a Stay-At-Home Mother and Vice Versa

This post really spoke to me, as a working mom. I have a deep appreciation for SAHMs – I don’t know how they do it!

Valentines Day at Disneyland

You going to Disneyland (or Walt Disney World) on Valentines Day?  While the parks do have some cool stuff and special treats offered, for the most part, its just another day in the park.

Two years ago, our family found itself planning a last minute trip to Disneyland on Valentines Day. My husband came up with the BRILLIANT idea of letting the characters know how much you love them with personalized Valentines Cards.

I do believe our homemade cards had an amazing reaction with the characters!  I drew a heart for my 5 year old to cut out and then she wrote who each was for and her name….along with putting a sticker on each one.  We had several ready to go, personalized.  I also had a pack of some store bought ones, in case we came across someone who didn’t have the personalized one.


Minnie was the first character we came upon in the park….OMG, the reaction was so cute!


Goofy was alone in his backyard when we found him.  I LOVED his reaction, truly priceless!  Please pardon my voice in this video..I need to learn to zip it!

Honestly, my photos of characters with my little one’s Valentine clutched in their hands truly is my favorite memory of all our visits. I do believe the characters were moved by this sweet little action of love from my daughter.


 This is what I LOVE about Disney Parks. We have our #DisneySide memories to last a lifetime, tutu and all.  Have you ever done anything special for Valentine’s Day at Disney Parks?


First Ever Twitter Party: SparkleSkirts and DisBroads

Do you Tweet?  We do!

We’d love to have you join us for the first ever DisBroads Twitter Party.  We are co-hosting with SparkleSkirts.com to bring you a fun hour of running skirt and costume discussion.   Lots of chatting about the upcoming Princess Half Marathon! Don’t forget to RSVP on the event Facebook page in order to qualify for prizes.

Twitter party2

You may be asking, “But Broads, what exactly IS a Twitter Party?”  Follow these simple steps to join in the discussion and you’ll be Tweeting right along in no time.

1.  Join Twitter  It’s really easy to do if you haven’t joined Twitter already.  The idea behind Twitter is real time communication in 140 characters or less.  Don’t worry, the website or app will tell you if you’ve gone over your character limit and you can adjust your post as needed!

twitter-bird-white-on-blueFor Twitter Party purposes, we ask that you make your tweets public.  If they are private, we cannot easily respond to your comments.  You want to be seen and heard at this party- no wall flowers allowed!  But make-up is optional, since you know, it’s a virtual party and we won’t know what you look like.

2.  Follow these accounts:




These are your hosts for the party.  We will take turns asking questions and everyone “at” the party will respond!  A little pro tip: the more accounts you follow on Twitter, the more interesting and fun this social media site can be.  So go ahead and find some people to put on your follow lists.  They will probably follow you back and before you know it, you’ll be tweeting like a pro!  Twitter is a great source for breaking news as well as one of the tools runDisney uses for their announcements.  And we know you LOVE those runDisney announcements.

3.  Hashtag your response.

#SparkleOnWhen the party starts, you will want to be sure to respond to all tweets with this:  #SparkleOn   That’s called a hashtag and it’s how the hosts will know you are talking to them.  It’s easy to forget to hashtag your response until you get in the groove of things, but it’s key to Twitter Party participation.

4.  Need examples?  Sure.  The questions will look like this:

Sparkle TweetYour answer will look like this:

DisBroad answer

Pretty easy, no?  If you get confused or lost, follow the party by typing #SparkleOn in the search bar at the top right of Twitter.  This will allow you to see the feed of all the questions and party goers responding.  You can also click on the #Discover button at the top of your window to start the same search.

5.  Be Social.  Do interact with your fellow party goers and hosts.  Twitter is one of the only places where it is NOT rude to “butt” in and start up a conversation.  Join in and be social- it’s what Twitter is all about!

This is the very basics of a Twitter party.  Need more information?  No problem.

Here’s a great blog post from #TeamrunDisney admin, Ali, to help you learn more about becoming a Twitter Party Pro.  I’m also including a video from another company that hosted a Twitter Party.  It’s only 3 minutes long but shares some great information on how to Tweet.

Hope to see you all online Wednesday- don’t forget to #SparkleOn!

Broads Favorites From The Blogs v02.08.14

With so much snow and ice this week, there was lots of time for reading blogs! I mean, really, who needs to go to school? Frickety Frack Groundhog.


They say don’t blame it on the groundhog, but I do. Sorry, Phil. Thankfully these blogs took our minds off the cold like a nice cup of hot cocoa.

DisBroad Patty-Letting It All Hang Out BareDare 5K Recap 

This one is from my friend, Laura.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  I couldnt resist sharing a non-nudists perspective of running her first nude 5K.  I say first, because I’m seriously hoping she runs again this year. Wonder if there are any nudist runners in Arizona?  WAIT- don’t answer that!

DisBroad Amy- Stigma of Raising a Mentally Ill Child 

Okay, so technically this is not from a blog, but it struck a nerve and I wanted to share.  Being a parent of a child who struggles with an extremely mild (compared to others) mental health issue, I can completely relate to these parents interviewed and attest to the stigma that is out there regarding mentally ill children.  What’s the difference for parents of a physically ill child and parents of a mentally ill child?  Sympathy and casseroles.

DisBroad Summer- Ode to Adult Onset Runners

Love, Love, Love! As an adult onset runner who never thought I would voluntarily run . . . ever, I can certain vouch that every single word in this post is absolutely 100% true!

DisBroad Julie-In Defense of Internet Friendships

Funny how internet friends are becoming the norm…..you meet some of the best people that way. Of course one must be careful when online but I have truly made some amazing friends online – including most of the DisBroads!

DisBroad Kristen- Krissy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Run

Krissy is such an inspiration to so many runners, myself included. While I hate that she had a bad run, I was glad to see how she dealt with it and moved on. She’s running her first 50K this weekend; knock em dead Krissy!!

DisBroad Tania-What’s Wrong With runDisney:Why I’m Running Away

I loved Megan’s post, because she encouraged discussion and told her story and gave her reasons. I may or may not agree with all of her points, but I commend her for opening dialogue in a constructive manner. It’s no secret I love runDisney, but I don’t think they are perfect. In fact,  I would think runDisney would want runners to support local races and encourage us in our own paths. I’ve always admired Megan for having constructive remarks instead of disparaging ones. There’s a difference.